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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Flydragon Tins Co., Ltd is established in 1996. We are a specialized manufacturer in all kinds of tin products with plain and printing, including round tin box, square tin box, rectangle tin box, elliptical tin box and other abnormity tin boxes.

We are also very skillful at pet food container, ice bucket, perfume tin packaging, tin sign, serving tray, Christmas tins, garden pot, etc. in different shape and size, which you can find in our website.

Our factory have six production assembly lines with advanced facilities for tooling, engineering, printing, cutting, pressing, forming, cleaning and packaging. With our ten QC staff to conduct inspections during and after every production step, and finished products before shipment, we can ensure our products meet FDA & SGS/EN71 standards.

With over 10 years in the industry, we have the experience that makes the difference for our big buyers: Budweiser, Danone, Shiseido, Eukanuba, Corona & other OEM projects. With specialized technical personel, we can make samples within 10days, and also surely can meet different demand for customers on different new mould & size.

F3:1356x15 F2:263x30 F4:130x25 F5:350x320x50 C11:78x48x85 B23:225x90 B39:80x190 H25:235x210x158 H1:300x255x340 H2:350x320x500 H2:350x320x500 A19:135x98x23 C13:162x145x45 B13:128x220 A1:310x230x55 A2:200x200x60 B9:120x200 A3:205x160x60 A26:160x160x70 A25:170x70x77 A34:100x100x160 A36:108x72x132 A6:180x130x45 A21:115x115x60 B3:108x130 A5:103x93x12 A7:180x130x45 A8:195x130x70 A11:165x128x25 A24:75x75x100 A31:72x58x110 A13:120x78x35 G11:600x400 H11:188x170x230 C15 A32:105x50x155 A10:150x90x58 B61:58x145 H13:235x170x183 B12:126x130 H6:225x135x380 E5:154x144x35 A36:73x73x143 A8:195x130x70 A15:98x75x26
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